Turnkey Casino Sites is the market leader: delivering an advanced casino software, multiplayer poker software, online sports betting and Internet sweepstakes cafe game experience. We stand head and shoulders above every other online gambling software provider. Your business package includes advanced backend management plus financial, marketing, and customer service tools.

You will have the most cost-effective source for online gaming to provide your players with the fast action, 3D casino and multiplayer poker games they demand. Constant research and development by talented casino and poker software developers ensures you will have access to gambling software that is years ahead of our competition. For performance that satisfies both the player and the company, Turnkey Casino Sites provides a scalable gaming platform to manage any size organization.

The outstanding technical benefits of selecting Turnkey Casino Sites as your igaming solution provider include:

  • Accurately random numbered gaming results provided by Kryption technology
  • The highest financial security for both parties, with specialists to oversee the industry's best fraud prevention services
  • Mainframe stability for uninterrupted services even at peak demand times
  • Load balancing technology guarantees management of unlimited daily wagers

The continued growth in popularity for interactive casino and multiplayer poker gaming software, despite recent regulatory changes, is proof of the online gaming industry's strength. Businesses face the challenge of meeting the increased demand for quality, online gaming variety. Predictions of unlimited growth for casino, poker and sports betting software for mobile phones and tablets increase the potential future profits of worldwide gambling.

The respected market adviser Mr. Marco Felice Baranzelli foresaw the rapid growth that shows no signs of slowing down. Public demand and the superior technology of online casino and poker software have proven to be a winning combination for profitable online gambling ventures. Current opportunities to start a casino business or offer online wagering with poker software that bring profitable returns have never been better.

In 2010 online gaming business revenues totaled $24 billion from $800 million in 1998. By 2015 the respected London-based Merrill Lynch analyst Andrew Burnett, forecasts for the online gaming industry revenues to increase more than 700% or $177 billion.

Research reports from GBGC, the online gambling authority, states that in Europe, Asia and South America, online gambling continue to enjoy rapid growth in popularity. The Asian market is fast becoming the dominant online gaming leader with a 15% increase in 2011 revenues of $357 million. Latin America represents the second best market to target in 2012-2015 after Asian market. Now is the perfect time to get onboard.

The public demand for entertaining online gaming is nowhere near satisfied. As Internet access increases worldwide, this demand needs the secure online gaming business environment that Turnkey Casino Sites provides.

Few business opportunities can offer the large profit potential of online gaming industry or the claim of future market growth that is too great to ignore. Now is the perfect time to get on the inside track of the online gaming industry that is generating billion dollar profits.

Your turnkey online casino and poker gaming website is a total business solution that provides you with the support that gives you peace of mind. Choosing the white label multiplayer poker software or casino gambling software package includes the professional marketing materials that will give you the advantage you need to produce an outstanding return on your investment.

  • Complete casino and poker gaming software training
  • Entertaining, instant online casino games, no download needed
  • Customized online casino website and multiplayer poker online gaming business
  • Complete technical support for you and your staff
  • Full 24/7 customer service for your players
  • Secure monetary transactions in the form of deposits and withdrawals
  • Consultation for a license to conduct online gaming in a legal jurisdiction

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